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About cancer

Diseases and symptoms

Indeed, cancer is scary, and it is desirable that the person has time to realize, calm down, understand, ask the doctor what to do? What are the chances? One of the most dangerous diseases in the world can rightly be considered cancer, 18 million people in the world a year, according to statistics, fall ill with oncological diseases. Today, this disease ranks second in mortality after cardiovascular diseases. Cancer is a malignant tumor that develops in cells that multiply spontaneously by division. The field of medicine that studies cancer is called oncology. The first step of a person in Rthe fight against cancer is the definition of the stage and histology. It allows you to find out how widely the cancer has spread in the patient's body and what type of cancer it is. For cancer patients, more common symptoms are: weight loss, blood in stool, sputum, vomit. Prolonged paroxysmal cough, aversion to meat, constant low-grade body temperature and frequently appearing warts on the skin. It is not exactly known why people get cancer. The cells in the body divide all the time, but sometimes failures and mistakes occur. If the body does not cope with its task, then there is accumulation of mutations in the DNA. Cancer is the accumulation of similar cells in a tumor. As a rule, the use of cigarette smocking, pesticides in foods and pollution in the air we breath, hereditary predisposition, increase the possibility of getting sick with cancer. When symptoms of cancer appear, the doctor performs many tests to diagnose it. As a rule, each individual methods of detection of a malignant tumor. Among them may be a blood test with emphasis on tumor markers (PSA, CEA, CA-19, CA-125, alpha-fetoprotein), endoscopy, computed tomography, X-ray, biopsy, PET-CT, genetic markers and histochemical studies.


Chemotherapy is a drug treatment with the use of anticancer drugs, aimed at the destruction of malignant ("cancer") cells or a significant slowdown of their growth. In medical oncology practice, several types of chemotherapy are distinguished, depending on the type of tumor and its localization. Chemotherapy is widely used in medicine to combat malignant tumors. The method is based on the introduction into the body of potent toxic drugs that destroy cancer cells or stop their development. By direct intervention in the process of cellular education, the doctor is able to correct the disturbances in the patient's body. Chemotherapy cancer treatment in many cases is the only way to save a person’s life.

The principle of chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a systemic method of dealing with malignant tumors. The patient is prescribed a course of drugs that kill rapidly dividing cells, which include cancer cells as well. Cancer chemotherapy is performed by specially trained personnel according to international protocols for the treatment of malignant neoplasms in inpatient or outpatient settings. Chemotherapy is one of the four key methods of treating cancer along with surgery, radiation and immunotherapy. They are often used together. With numerous formations, chemotherapy is the only effective treatment that allows you to:
  • reduce the size of the tumor
  • destroy cancer cells
  • improve the results of other treatments
  • fight metastases and tumor recurrences