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Method and schedule of treatment

Patients are treated in the best clinics of Greece that meet the highest international and European standards of medical institutions. All procedures are carried out strictly according to the protocols of the company Regulon, on the basis of its own developments and technologies agreed and approved by the EMA (European Medical Association) and the Ministry of Health of Greece (MHG). Methods and treatment protocols are prescribed for each patient individually, after undergoing a full medical examination.

Treatment schedule

Medication A dose of 200 mg / m2 (approximately 2-3 vials of lipoplatin) is diluted in 500 ml of saline or 5% dextrose solution and administered intravenously over 4 hours. Treatment with lipoplatin is carried out on days 1 and 4, and the next day the patient is given RT at low doses. Treatment is repeated for 8 consecutive weeks or more. The patient then is reevaluated with PET / CT.

Low dose RT

A dose of 2 Gray (2Gy) in the main lesions (determined by PET / CT) is done the next day. The optimal time is 6-36 hours after the introduction of the lipoplatin infusion, so that the nanoparticles accumulate in the tumors, and the low radiation dose destroys the mass of tumor cells 14 times due to the radiosensitizing activity of lipoplatin, which is 14 times better than cisplatin.

Frequency of use Lipoplatin + RT (radiotherapy)

This treatment option can be applied 2 times a week or weekly, depending on the patient's condition, the type of tumor and the urgency of eliminating cancer lesions. In some cases, Lipoplatin is administered 2 times a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. For the convenience of the patient, immediately after the procedure of intravenous administration of the drug, but not earlier than 6 hours after the start of Lipoplatin administration, radiotherapy can be performed. Thus, one treatment session for 2 days can be reduced to 1 day After obtaining the expected success, patients may be subjected to additional maintenance therapy (including similar treatment every 4-6 weeks, depending on the initial severity of the condition and the success of the treatment, as well as the type of malignant tumor) or not to continue the maintenance therapy, but to be evaluated every 3 or 6 months. This will be decided by your oncologist and expert medical commission.

Nutritional supplements

Regulon has for many years conducted research on the use of plant extracts (provided to patients as Food Supplements) with strong anti-cancer activity that will be offered to patients to improve their health and general condition. Patients are also recommended to take vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E to strengthen the immune system to fight cancer, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, neuropathy and pain. Thus, now we have one of the most effective methods of dealing with cancer, allowing not only to heal but also to cure this ailment. Statistics of all clinical trials showed greater efficacy of the drug than we expected, and this is a fact. This is the greatest breakthrough and achievement in oncology. The methods of treatment are already being actively implemented in practice, starting with a small contingent of patients, we have the opportunity to provide the help that they expect from us. Undoubtedly, this is not a panacea, but a method that has no equal in the world today. Yes, the result depends on the stage, form and severity of the disease - but Lipoplatin gives an opportunity and chances to effectively fight cancer. Lipoplatin is especially effective on cancers with high degree of vasculatization (as Lipoplatin uses the vasculature of the tumors for its cancentration) including stomach, breast, pancreas and prostate. We can confidently say that we have achieved inconceivable results and success in treating cancer diseases and want to bring this information to you with the most sincere wishes of goodness and health!

Treatment organization

Please contact us first and get a free consultation: Send us your medical tests, where your final diagnosis is indicated (preferably recent tests). For each patient, examinations and treatment regimens are selected individually. After studying your particular case, our specialists will suggest a schedule, method and treatment regimen that is most suitable for you. The main and most important point is coordination with the clinic, the attending physicians as well as other specialists who will take part in your recovery. We undertake the organization, preparation and selection of the most effective treatment plan. We cooperate with our doctors and doctors in many countries of the world, and we can prescribe treatment with our drug «Lipoplatin» in such countries as Israel, Germany, Georgia.

Reasonable prices and comfortable conditions

Despite the fact that medical care in the EU meets the highest international standards, the cost of care in Greece is noticeably lower than at American and other European clinics of the same level. Patients from the CIS countries do not feel like strangers in clinics. Many doctors and specialists are fluent in Russian and English, which simplifies communication and makes it more comfortable. Medical personnel meets the highest quality requirements, the level of service and the provision of medical services is of best hospital standards.

Treatment plan and cost are provided before arrival

Our consultants are always ready to provide patients with a treatment plan for each individually. All costs associated with the stay and treatment are absolutely transparent and legal, as the patient pays for everything on his own (flight, hotel, clinic, medical staff, medical preparations, etc.). For more information, contact with our representative